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What is Circle Line Art School?​

​I started Circle Line Art School to provide How to Draw art content online.

There are two types of content:

1: YouTube drawing channel: Circle Line Art School

2: Art Courses online

I would like to thank everyone who supports me by watching my YouTube videos and I hope to make many more!

Who is Tom McPherson?

My name is Tom McPherson and I make all the content and videos for Circle Line Art School.

I am an artist and freelance art teacher.  I live in England and studied Fine Art at

Chelsea School of Art and Central St.Martins School of Art in London.

​I love to draw and teach and through Circle Line Art School I am going to

share my best advice on how to draw with you!

Why did I start Circle Line Art School?

I started Circle Line Art School to provide online drawing tutorials because

I want to encourage and help you gain confidence and skills in drawing.


Why the name: Circle Line Art School?​

When I was an art student in London I would travel on the tube,

often I would have a pocket sketchbook and draw my fellow passengers.


One of the underground lines I travelled on was called the Circle Line!

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