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How To Draw From Scratch

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I just love your youtube tutorials and I was really thrilled when I saw this course, because that's exactly what I need.


What makes your tutorial and this course special for me is that I can follow each and every step, no gaps where I'm wondering what happened in between.

Of course I still need lots of practice, but at least now I know what to practice!

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I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Drawing From Scratch' course. It was very informative and easy to follow.


Tom is a great tutor, he explains everything in great simple detail and demonstrates the various techniques via the online modules.

I would highly recommend this course for absolute beginners and for people who would like a refresher in the basic drawing techniques of drawing, such as tonal value and perspective. 

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First let me say that this is a really comprehensive course for beginners to draw and for super techniques to use.

All the exercises are so well thought out and I am trying to make them part of my daily drawing.

I have learned a lot and can already see much improvement in my drawing.

Thank you for creating this course and I am looking forward to the next one.

Want to learn to more? Join Drawing For All and expand your drawing range and style!

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