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See my recent Circle Line Art School YouTube

drawing challenge: Episode # 426:

Draw a 3D Skyscraper Building Construction Site

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How To Draw From Scratch


By Tom McPherson

Would you like to learn to draw from the very beginning?

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How To Draw From Scratch

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Marble Surface
See my recent YouTube drawing video: How to Draw a Room using 1-Point Perspective: 221b Baker Street
To view the full narrated version of this drawing tutorial please enroll in my online drawing course:
How To Draw From Scratch

Learn the drawing skills you need

to draw with greater confidence

I will help you learn to draw,

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Hi, Tom here, welcome to Circle Line Art School!

I am the founder of Circle Line Art School,

a leading Online Drawing Art School.

My drawing tutorials have been used by over 150,000,000 students and I have over 2 million subscribers to my popular YouTube Drawing Channel.


I also have a growing range of successful online drawing courses.

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How To Draw From Scratch:
Here are some examples of what you will learn within the online drawing course:

How To Draw From Scratch: A Circle Line Art Course

  • 30+ Drawing Lessons

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Online access

  • Clear actionable instruction

  • Unlimited access to course

  • Tom McPherson will be your Drawing Tutor, for 90 days!

  • Ask questions, get feedback and share your drawings

  • You get a 30 day 100% money back guarantee

  • Gain your individual Drawing Certificate!

  • You will learn to draw by the end of this course!

My beginners course How To Draw From Scratch is designed to teach you the key essential drawing techniques in a clear and concise way.


How To Draw From Scratch includes individual feedback within the course, from your course tutor, Tom McPherson.

The techniques I share with you are the techniques I have discovered over the years, so you can see quick results in your drawing!


I have now taught hundreds of students within my online drawing courses, to help them directly with their drawings.

And with my YouTube channel I have helped over 150 million YouTube viewers and 1.9 million subscribers improve their drawing process.

Reviews for How To Draw From Scratch

I just love your youtube tutorials and I was really thrilled when I saw this course, because that's exactly what I need.


What makes your tutorial and this course special for me is that I can follow each and every step, no gaps where I'm wondering what happened in between.


Of course I still need lots of practice, but at least now I know what to practice!



I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Drawing From Scratch' course. It was very informative and easy to follow.


Tom is a great tutor, he explains everything in great simple detail and demonstrates the various techniques via the online modules.


I would highly recommend this course for absolute beginners and for people who would like a refresher in the basic drawing techniques of drawing, such as tonal value and perspective. 


Twiglet 142

First let me say that this is a really comprehensive course for beginners to draw and for super techniques to use.


All the exercises are so well thought out and I am trying to make them part of my daily drawing.


I have learned a lot and can already see much improvement in my drawing.


Thank you for creating this course and I am looking forward to the next one.



Learn to draw with Circle Line Art Schoo


Q: Is this drawing course the right online course for me?

A: If you would like to master the basic essential drawing skills, step by step, then this is the course for you.

Q: Do I need any drawing skills before I start?

A: No, all you need is an interest in drawing and a willingness to practise.

Q: How long is the course?

A: There are over 5 hours of original content. The course is self paced, so go as fast or slow as you wish.

Q: How long do I have access to the course?

A: Once purchased, you will have full life long access to all course content. You have 90 day access to tutor feedback.

Q: Can I ask you questions within the course?

A: You can ask me questions and send me your drawings within the course. I love to see your drawings!

Q: How do I log in to my course?

A: Once you have paid, you will gain instant access to your course. You will receive an email confirmation that contains a link to the course. You can use this link to open your course, or you can type the school or course page URL into the address bar of your web browser: and click on the login tab on the top right of the screen. Then just enter the email address and password you used to register your account and click Log In.

Q: How do I gain my How To Draw From Scratch Certificate?

A: You will be issued a certificate with a unique serial number upon course completion. Each video challenge will need to be completed first. Once completed you can download your certificate.

Q: Are there other drawing courses to join?

A: Drawing For All is the follow on course to choose after Drawing From Scratch. There will also be more courses in the future.

Q: What if the course is not for me?

A: If you find the course is not for you for any reason, you have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!


Drawing is a wonderful way to express our feelings and explore our creativity by making marks on paper with meaning. In How To Draw From Scratch you will discover the key drawing skills you need to build your drawing to the next level.

Drawing is a skill that can be taught, step-by-step, just like other skill, like writing or learning to swim.


In this course I will share with you the tips and tricks he has discovered so that you can master the basics of drawing and gain the key foundational drawing skills you need.

Circle Line Art School ®

Online Drawing Courses and YouTube Drawing Channel

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How To Draw From Scratch
Course Curriculum
  • Start Here
  • How Your Course Is Organised
  • Basic Drawing Tools
  • Basic Drawing Tools: PDF
Section One: Just Start
  • 1: Draw A Spiral Cup
  • 2: How To Hold A Pencil
  • 3: Draw A Cup Using 2D And 3D
  • 4: Draw A 3D Cup
  • 5: Draw A 3D Cup From Observation
  • 6: Fail Fast And Often: Use Thumbnails
  • Section One Overview
Section Two: The Value Of Tone
  • Introduction: What Is Tone?
  • 7: Draw A Flat Tone
  • 8: Draw A Graded Tone
  • 9: Draw A Tonal Key
  • 10: Draw An Object Using A Tonal Key
  • 11: Draw The Tonal Values Of A Colour
  • 12: Draw A Tonal Landscape
  • Section Two: Overview
Section Three: Lines Of Meaning
  • Introduction: What Are Lines Of Meaning?
  • 13: Draw A Straight Line Freehand
  • 14: Draw More Lines
  • 15: Draw Lines You See
  • 16: Hatching And Cross Hatching
  • 17: Sketching Lines
  • 18: Draw Lines Of Emotion
  • Section Three overview
Section Four: Basic Shapes
  • Introduction To Basic Shapes
  • 19: Draw Basic 3D Shapes
  • 20: Draw 3D Shapes Using Textural Marks
  • 21: Draw People Using Basic Shapes
  • 22: Draw A Head At Different Angles
  • 23: Draw Negative Shapes
  • 24: Draw Shapes In Space
  • Section Four: Overview
Section Five: Basic Perspective
  • Introduction To Basic Perspective
  • 25: Draw A Train Track Using 1-Point Perspective
  • 26: Draw Cubes And Circles Using 1-Point Perspective
  • 27: Draw A Room Using 1-Point Perspective
  • Introduction To 2-Point Perspective
  • 28: Draw A City Using 2-Point Perspective
  • 29: Find Perspective In A Photograph
  • 30: Draw A House Using 2-Point Perspective
  • Section Five: Overview
  • How To Draw From Scratch: Overview
Bonus: Extended Drawing Challenges
  • B1: Draw A Building Using 1-Point Perspective
  • B2: Draw A Modern House Using 1-Point Perspective
  • B3: Draw A Landscape Using Atmospheric Perspective
  • B5: Draw Buildings And Reflections Using 2-Point Perspective
Bonus: Optical Drawing Challenges
  • B6: Draw 3D Spheres
  • B7: Draw The Impossible Triangle

Circle Line Art School ®

Online Drawing Courses and YouTube Drawing Channel


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Want even more?

Join the follow on course "Drawing For All"


The first course How To Draw From Scratch is designed to teach you the key essential drawing techniques in a clear and concise way.


The follow on course Drawing For All is designed to teach a wider range of subject matter and styles of drawing. Drawing For All.

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